Reasons why Luxury Time Share is best for you and your loved ones.


▪ Discover over 450 local and international resorts , enjoy your holiday anywhere you want to go.  

▪ Enjoy the complete flexibility of Luxury Time Share’s Points system.    

▪ Looking for family friendly options?  Or a romantic couple’s getaway? Let expert team organise every aspect of the type of break you need.   

▪ Need a car, help with flights?  We’ve got it covered.  Luxury Time Share offers great rates on car hire, flights, travel insurance – we’ll make it a smooth experience from start to finish.   


Luxury Time Share is the top vacation ownership company in South Africa.  We offer self-catering holiday resort accommodation in hundreds of local and thousands of international resort destinations (based on the timeshare model).  Our flexible range of accommodation options provides suitable packages for any lifestyle or budget requirements. 


1. You pay upfront for your annual holiday accommodation.

2. Buy into a selection of 3 Membership Packages - each offering amazing benefits. 

3. Receive extra Luxury Timeshare benefit every year depending on the tier you choose.  The more you pay upfront, the more holiday time and better accommodation you can afford.

4. Use your Package for accommodation at any one of our selected resorts !  This means that, unlike traditional timeshare, you're not tied to one destination - you can go wherever your heart desires! Luxury Time Share can secure you the deals for your holiday.